On the cattery Tassalyckan lives about thirty cats who work as our own product developers.

Tassalyckan started in 1992

Doggy ABs' has a cattery called Tassalyckan. There are about 30 cats living there and they are all working as our product developers.  The cats come from different environments and have various backgrounds and now Tassalyckan is providing them with a nice new home and a great job. 

Our product developers

Their task is to work on theDoggy ABs' taste panel and help develop the best cat food. They are fed twice a day and everything is registered, from which food the cat sniff first, which food they taste and also which food they eat from.  The cats are product developers for both dry and wet cat food. 

Red cottage

All the cats at Tassalyckan have their own little Swedish red cottage, where they eat the food in peace and quiet. When the cats are not working they enjoy running around and playing on a nice big lawn with lots of great trees to climb.