Made with natural ingredients and no unnecessary additives

Our super premium food for your dog to stand strong before the most demanding efforts

A unique series that has taken flavors from Scandinavia pantry. Give your dog a treat.

Bozita dog food

Bozitas dog products are available in three different brands, made in Sweden and produced with as much Swedish ingredients as possible. Sweden is famous for its healthiness, pure nature, high quality products and high animal protection standards. We are proud of our Swedish heritage, which can be seen in our products. View all Bozita products below or choose brand.

  • Age
    • Puppy
    • Adult
    • Senior
  • Specific need
    • Normal activity
    • High activity
    • Low activity
    • Overweight
    • Underweight
    • Sensitive stomach
    • Sensitive skin
    • Choosy
    • Pregnant/lactating
  • Flavor
    • Bird
    • Lamb
    • Beef
    • Fish
    • Game