Anders Landin

Anders and his wife Christine live on a farm in Trollhättan, the Swedish Midwest. The countryside farm has fantastic nature just outside the door.

Anders in a professional dog trainer focusing on trail and hunting. For the past 20 years, Anders has been giving appreciated courses at the farm for all types of bird dogs. The participants come from all over the Nordic region to attend private lessons and courses.

Anders is also an appreciated lecturer in both Sweden and Norway and has published both books and films on the topic of training a bird dog, from puppy to adult dog.

Over the years, Anders has enjoyed great success and has, on several occasions, won the Swedish vorsteh club's national test with his own dogs.

Anders has been working with dogs for over thirty years. Back in the days, he trained military dogs and other guard dogs. Throughout the years, he has owned various breeds such as German shepherd, border collie, dachshund, basset and beagle – a wide range of different hunting dogs.

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