Lisa Lindblom

Lisa Lindblom was born and raised in the northern part of Sweden and with the family's Greenland dogs by her side – cross-country skiing and dogsled driving was the natural path for her. Early on, she started competing in cross-country skiing and later on she tried skiing with her trainer's Siberian huskies. Since then, Lisa has competed with her dogs and she has had huge success.

The outdoor life is important to her and you will find her in the mountains throughout the seasons. If it's snowing, she will be skiing. If it's fall, she will be running. And if it's summer, she will be working in the mountain lodge for hikers.

Lisa is also a hunter and natural ecological food is a part of her lifestyle.

Today, Lisa is responsible for the mountain lodge for hikers at Kebnekaise (STF Kebnekaise Fjällstation), a mountain guide – and she is also able to marry people on the mountain (which is very popular).

Tag along and see what Lisa is up to. Visit her website or the mountain lodge Instagram account.