Malin Strid & Lars Hoffmann

On a little farm in the northern forests of Sweden you find Malin Strid & Lars Hoffman together with their dogs. The home is surrounded by mountains and a lake and the adventures is just around the corner. In the wintertime Malin and Lars can start the tour from their house and go straight out into the wilderness. This is paradise for Malin and Lars! Together with their dogs they go through rough trails, snowstroms, freezing temperatures and incredible nature experiences. This is why they need to be working as a team, every dog has it’s personality, strength and special needs. 2017 Malin and her dogs became Swedish champions in long distance and now they are about to go through one of Europes longest sled dog competion  “Finnmarkslöpet”. 2020 they will be in the worlds longest sled dog competition, the “Idiarod” in Alaska!