Make sure that your cat drinks enough water

Cats do not regulate their water intake after water content in the food. Cats eating merely dry food will, therefore, consume less water compared to cats eating wet food, and the lower water intake increases the risk of bladder stones.

There are however ways of stimulating your cat to drink more.

Avoid placing the water bowl close to the food bowl or the litter box. Cats do not like drinking in the same area where they eat or use the toilet. This is a natural instinct from the days when cats used to live in the wild.

Running water is often popular, so a good idea is to invest in a water fountain and offer water in multiple places around the house. It will increase the chances of the cat drinking a sufficient amount of water.

To be completely sure your cat gets enough water, we recommend switching to wet food, which naturally contains a lot of water. Or why not complement dry food with wet food? Cats tend to like variations in their diet.